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A 12 week group coaching program that helps small business owners, side hustlers, and content creators master instagram!


Are you constantly feeling frustrated knowing how important social media is for your business, but you have no idea how to make it work for you?

Do lack confidence when it comes to putting yourself out there, and feel worried that no one cares about what you have to say?

Do you have zero clue about turning your followers into ravings fans, and your community into customers? 

Due to COVID, have you had to pivot and shift your brand and increase your online presence?

NOW is the BEST time to solidify your online presence and NAIL your instagram strategy so you clearly stand out from the crowd!



Your simple strategic online presence lead to more leads, engaged clients, and your sales increased with ease

You never had to google “how do I get more followers” ever again

You were an expert at taking unique photos and knew exactly how to write compelling captions

You increased your engagement rate by 5x

You knew exactly what to post every single day

You used all of the features of instagram with ease and excitement

You felt empowered to clearly share your message and expertise with confidence

You were a role model making a massive positive impact in your field

You felt a constant flow of confidence, and never dealt with imposter syndrome again


I’m Jera, and I know EXACTLY how you feel. And that’s why I cannot wait to help you navigate the wild wild west of Instagram!

I used to be a graphic designer for five miserable years. I was working seven days a week around the clock, stressed to point of losing hair and pushed to total exhaustion.

In 2015, my life completely changed when I started my instagram account as a way to hold myself accountable while starting an exercise program. 

Through posting my fitness journey, sharing challenges of becoming a SoulCycle instructor, and unapologetically opening up about my the good and bad of my everyday life, I’ve created a loyal and engaged community of over 180k.

In May 2018, I decided to pursue content creation full time as a lifestyle influencer, and in doing so, I’ve built a multiple six figure business. Throughout the process, I’ve realized my passion and level of expertise for all things social media.

In 2019, I made the leap to invest in myself by hiring a business coach and joining a group coaching program- which is how I've been in your shoes before! I know what it's like to want more, and to take a leap of faith to get to the next level, both personally and professionally.

In early 2020, The Social Media Saloon was born, and by mid 2020, I was named one of the Top 20 Social Media Coaches of the year.

The Saloon is a year and half old now, and I've had over 150 students graduate, and now it's your turn! I cannot wait to show up for YOU!

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A twelve week coaching program that breaks down the mysteries of instagram into an easy to follow and implementable process:


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Authentic Branding

Create a solid foundation by defining your brand and gaining clarity around your purpose. Develop your brand voice and aesthetics, identify your target audience and niche, and determine your content pillars.

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Content Clarity

Never ask yourself again, "what the heck do I post today?! Moving forward, you'll have a concrete posting strategy, you'll feel confident and excited about taking photos, and you'll be a caption writing machine!

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Community Building

Foster a following that becomes your community based upon relationships and connection. You'll create a loyal and engaged audience that is excited to hear from you, to connect with you, and purchase from you.

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  • Want to maximize the power of social media, but have no idea what the heck to do
  • Need increased digital visibility in your business 
  • Dream of creating impactful content on a whim
  • Are excited about building a loyal online community but don’t know where to start
  • Have a side hustle and want to master the features of instagram to make a bigger impact
  • Are looking for daily accountability and support so you can finally build the online presence that you've been dreaming about
  • Are tired of googling, downloading free PDFS, and attending webinars that never get you anywhere, and are excited to invest in yourself to finally take strategic action



Increase in Engagement:

Increase in Followers:

Take a look at the growth of Saloon graduates:

Increase in Clients + Sales:


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Master Your Media Mindset

Imposter syndrome? Fear of over saturation? Worried what others will think? Overwhelm that leads to inaction? Don't worry lil cutie, I GOT YOU! We're going to work together to overcome these common social media mindset obstacles so that you can approach instagram with confidence.

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Solidify Your Brand for Social

A foundational step in your social media journey: we're going to figure out what sets you apart (because you are the secret sauce!) we'll nail down your niche, and build out your ideal client avatar, so that you are seen as the go to authority in your field.


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Optimize Your Profile and Account

Learn exactly how to set up and optimize your account to attract your ideal client or follower in order to grow your following and to increase sales. You'll learn how to write a killer bio, curate on brand highlights, as well as understand the types of accounts you should be following for both research an inspiration.

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Content Strategy Overhaul

Your messaging is at the core of what you do on social media. While crafting your authentic voice, you'll learn how to create your content pillars so that there is intention behind what post, engaging captions to create connection with your community, and an endless amount of ideas so that you are a content machine.
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Is Your Aesthetic Magnetic?

Master visual cohesion through understanding feed themes, balance, and editing. Become a pro at taking your own photos and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Learn how to make your own infographics. Understand what it takes to create shareable and saveable content.

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Analyze Your Insights Like a Pro

Take the guesswork out of what to post and when to post by understanding your insights and analytics. Master hashtags so that you can get more eyeballs on your account than ever before. Have a finger on the pulse of your content to understand what's resonating with your audience, and what's not.
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Lives, Reels, Stories, Oh My!

Instagram is way more than just photos and captions these days. Learn to harness the power of all of the various features that Insta has to offer in order to experiment with your creativity, reach new people, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
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From Follower to Client

Build a loyal and engaged community and create relationships with those that follower, and then take it a step further and turn those followers into clients. Learn how to build the know, like, trust, factor, how to sale without feeling slimy, and how to generate income from this platform.


  • Solopreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Freelancers
  • Service based businesses
  • Side Hustlers
  • Network Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Managers


  • Those looking for a quick fix
  • People not willing to put in the work
  • If you’re only in it for the vanity metrics
  • If you're only looking to improve your aesthetics, instead of going deeper
  • Those who don’t care about building relationships
  • Anyone who wants to stay in their comfort zone
  • Those who aren't willing to be challenged


Let's take a look at the insane amount of confidence that former Saloon students have cultivated, and how their lives have changed:

Major Increase of Visibility:

By implementing all of the strategies learned in The Saloon, students were able to majorly increase their post's visibility which lead to more engagement, new followers, and clients reaching out:

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Jayel Lewis, Fitness Business Coach  |  @jayelllewis

"Jera has such a unique ability to break down social media in a way that is actually easy to understand, while empowering you to be you - in the most authentic way possible. Breaking down the barriers that I seemingly created in my head of how I'm expected to show up vs. how I can show up has allowed me to attract more ideal clients, and truly bring my brand voice to life. Jera is the ultimate cheerleader, coach, and creator. Investing in the Social Media Saloon was an absolute no brainer, I'm just sad I didn't do it sooner!

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Ashley Farquhar, Realtor  |  @mrs.ashley.farquhar

As a new Realtor, I was bombarded with options for coaching, marketing & building my business. But the "traditional" ways of finding new clients felt icky. Cold calling, door knocking, mailers... it may work for some people but it didn't feel right for me. I knew social media felt more familiar and was loaded with opportunity, I just needed some direction with how to scale it!   I wanted to step up my social media game and build my business. Jera has such a warm, inviting & knowledgeable presence so I decided to give the Social Media Saloon a try.

BOY OH BOY am I glad I did. It was worth every penny! I have been consistently booking new client consultations & almost all my leads for 2021 have come from my social media account. Although the Saloon is over, I feel as though my true journey with social media is just beginning. There is a ton of opportunity out there for me. I feel truly confident moving forward with the skills & strategies I learned from the Saloon. Everything I learned has helped me grow not only my IG, but my business as a whole. Leading with value, consistency & just being myself is such a solid strategy with serious longevity! 



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Ashley Allard, Yoga Instructor + Virtual Studio Owner  |  @ashleyallard

"When I made the decision to apply for the 4th cohort of the saloon, I had just launched my own virtual yoga platform & brand. I was feeling really lost and stuck in making the transition from social media influencer to business owner & fitness instructor. I was afraid to sell my classes to my followers and suffering from server imposter syndrome. Who was I to teach & sell yoga classes to women online? 

Within The first few weeks of the saloon, those fears & feelings slowly started to melt away. And today, at the end of 14 weeks, I stand here confident as heck to trek on out into the wild wild west of Instagram on my own. 

The Social Media Saloon is soooo much more than SOCIAL MEDIA. 

Yes of course it teaches you all the nitty gritty on how to draft messages, content plan, create copy, use reels, live & stories to leverage your brand but it also gives you:

Clarity around you & your brand. Personally, this was the most important/beneficial aspect to the program. Before the Saloon, I had an idea of what my classes offered but had no real clarity around what my brand was. The saloon gave me that clarity. Once I was clear on my purpose, my niche, & ideal client all of that other stuff, like messaging, selling & everything in between was a piece of cake. 

An incredible community. You are not alone in the journey. Jera & the coaches are holding your hand as tightly as you need them to along the way. But also your fellow salooners are an incredible support system as well. I learned just as much from my saloon fam as I did the modules, calls and coach feedback. And I can say that seeing their faces weekly, is what I am going to miss the most. 

Purpose into the future. You will not leave the saloon the same as you entered it. I walked into the saloon so unsure of where I was going with my social media account and if I was even truly on the right path. I didn’t think I could be successful in the company I knew I wanted to build and NOW I have full confidence that I absolutely can.

Hands down, this was the best investment I could have ever made for my brand AND myself.

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Gail Muller, Author, Speaker, Outdoor Educator  |  @thegailmuller  

The Social Media Saloon is not just a course, it’s a life changer. It’s no exaggeration to say that Jera and her Saloon have changed my mindset, self-confidence, and shaped how I want to show up in the world. It’s honed me to present a more authentic and consistent representation of who I am and helped me clarify the message I feel inspired to put out, as well as refined my idea of those I want to receive it. In short, the course has made my life better.  

Jera is a polymath; gifted in both technical, creative and media savvy as well as having the empathy and huge, warm, generosity of character needed to coax people from their dreams into their glorious reality. She cares, and it’s riven through every exercise, meeting and piece of feedback she gives. 

The course itself is excellently constructed. Initially I was concerned about investing in myself, but once on board I swiftly realised that I would have invested many times over for the sheer expertise and over-delivery that Jera provides. I have been an educator for almost twenty years and found myself continuously impressed with the clever and well-considered scaffolding of the course. Each module and section has depth and builds on the last, taking us, as students, through complex and reflective topics that would have been very confusing in the hands of anyone less capable. 

Never did I feel overlooked or as though I was a part of a course ‘mill’ churning out students. I felt seen as an individual as well as being embraced into a sisterhood of like-minded students too. Jera’s attention to detail is second to none, and you KNOW that she has listened to you and truly wants to help your journey. Not only does the Saloon do everything it says on the tin (and MORE) but it also connects you with an incredible community of special people who take the adventure with you, and from that you become bonded beyond the end of the three months together. We now understand and champion each other’s missions even though the Saloon has ended. We are friends spread across continents, brought together by Jera’s expert tuition, impeccable organisation and the delivery of a world-class course. I can’t thank her enough. 

Want in?!



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Jera Foster-Fell



Jera Foster-Fell, also known as Jera Bean, is a social media coach, a content creator, and a speaker, and her main mission is to help transform your social media experience from a total bummer to bursting with joy by helping you harness the power of your individuality.

Jera got her start in the world of social media as a content creator in 2015. She has has grown her instagram community to over 180k and her TikTok to 1.2 million, She's had the opportunity to travel the world and work with top brands like Adidas, Rent The Runway, Toyota, Neiman Marcus, and Aerie.

Now as a social media coach and educator, her clients include Estee Lauder, Mac, and Adobe, she has spoken on stages from Times Square, to LA at Create & Cultivate, and LaterCon and TikTok's Small Business Summit, and many more.

Through her signature three month course, The Social Media Saloon, she has taught over 150 students.

Jera is best known for her unique blend of authenticity, strategy, and "letting your freak flag fly" in order to teach others how to use social media as a powerful and positive tool, while also having a lil (or alotta!) fun in the process.

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Alannah Gershman-Bloch



Alannah is an Orlando based content coach, social media strategist, and creator. On Instagram, she loves sharing tips, tricks and magic moments from Florida and beyond. In February 2020, she signed up for the inaugural class of The Social Media Saloon. Since then, she's honed her skills on Instagram, discovered her niche audience on TikTok, and stepped into a new role as content coach and social media strategist. From student to lead coach, Alannah has experienced every aspect of this course and understands the true impact of the information you are about to learn. She loves watching Salooners gain confidence, discover their community, and find personal growth not only on social media, but in their personal lives as well. The true secret sauce of this course is the opportunity to level up your personal brand, network with like minded creators, and unlock your true magical potential! So giddy up and yeehaw darling!

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Alison Clark


Ali is a Brand Strategist and Social Media Coach based in New York. She has worked closely with small businesses to help them develop a strong mindset and business foundation. She has guided clients to fully understand how to position themselves in the market and attract their ideal audience. Before pivoting into strategy, Ali has held executive roles in the NYC corporate retail industry for over 8 years. She strongly believes that social media is a positive tool that will help enhance your brand and help you build an invaluable community. Since taking the Saloon over the summer of 2020, she has fallen in love with the learnings of this course and helping students implement them. This course changed her life and she is ready to help change yours! 
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Ryan Jones



Ryan is a fitness motivator, helping people find FUN in fitness as a SoulCycle instructor, personal trainer, and mindset coach! He loves showing people that standing out from the crowd by fully being yourself is something that we can and should do in EVERY aspect of our lives! Ryan's experience in The Saloon helped him fully bring his personality out on social media and show up as his authentic self more consistently! The Saloon also gave him a fantastic community feel and changed his perspective of competing to celebrating everyone on social media! He is positive The Saloon will do the same for you and can't wait to be your biggest cheerleader and make you laugh a little along the way!
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Meagan Nagy



Meagan Nagy is a content creator from the Sunshine State of Florida! She’s passionate about helping women feel confident from the inside out through mindset, style, and wellness. On top of being a full time content creator she’s also a barre instructor, actor, teacher, artist, and small business owner. 
Meagan came into the Saloon as a student searching for some sense of identity & feeling lost in the social media world. The Saloon, and especially the community, helped her to rediscover herself and her purpose again. She can’t wait to help future Salooners reignite the flames inside of them that they feel have gone dark.


  • Twelve weeks of learning, support, and guidance
  • Daily accountability and support
  • Weekly group coaching calls aka live coaching with Jera
  • Additional office hours calls lead by Alannah
  • Homework assignments to ensure implementation of concepts
  • Foolproof downloadable PDFs and worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the fifteen step method
  • Facebook Community for direct access to the coaches and answers to all of your questions
  • Guest coach calls from industry experts
  • An incredibly supportive community that you can lean on throughout the entire journey
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If you’ve made it this far, congrats! This means that the Social Media Saloon is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  I get that taking this leap can be scary, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. Check out some common FAQs below, and I’ll see you inside the Social Media Saloon!


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